I love to talk!

I am a prolific podcaster. I'm a co-host on All About Android and Material Podcast every week. You’ll often see me pop up as a co-host on the The New Screen Savers, too.

Guest appearances

Material Podcast

  • Digital Intimacy
  • O Bixby, Bixby! Wherefore Art Thou Bixby
  • All About Millennials
  • Download

  • Printers are Bad
  • Clockwise

  • So Much of Your Life is a Lie
  • Watching an Alien Sunset
  • Angst in Appleville
  • The Great Inbox in the Sky
  • The Blaze with Lizzie & Kat

  • Emily (aka “The Pink Pearl”)
  • Yoga for the Revolution

  • Tech, Yoga, Dogs and Roses